Presently “Montazhproject” LLP offers as follows:


In compliance with the State License GSL No.000421 dated 15.07.1995 and the Appendix dated 22.06.2012 with qualification of I category design.

Architectural construction and process engineering of civil housing and industrial facilities including:


·        All stages of architectural construction design in particular design of public buildings and facilities

·        General layouts of facilities, improvement and grading projects, projects of access motor and railway roads

·        Process engineering of enterprises for construction materials industry, crushing – sorting facilities, structural steel plants, industrial bases, oil and gas fields’ structures and facilities, mechanical repair workshops and vehicle fleet operators

·        Estimation and construction of reinforced concrete structures, basements and foundations, preparation of steel structures drawings (to be built in complicated geotechnical and hydrogeological conditions and in regions with high seismicity)

·        Design of utility systems and networks

·        Preparation of feasibility studies, justifications for investments and elaboration of design estimate documentation

Preparation of special sections of projects (environmental protection, fire protection and security alarm, fire safety in facilities).

         “Montazhproject” LLP being a part of “Kazkhimmontazhholding” JSC and basing on the client’s requirements offers design and construction of “turn-key” facilities.